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The Challenge of Being an Empath 2020

At this time of our planets awakening, you might be feeling all kinds of emotions, and unsure as to which are yours and which belong to the collective fear that is sweeping the globe.As an empath here on Earth at this times like this that we must take extra care to self nurture.

After 15 years of on/off PTSD many years ago and a history of trauma in my 20's, past addictions (sugar/tobacco) and a 'non curable disease' for which i manage naturally and am symptom free, ,i've been cultivating various practices for a healthy and vibrant joyful life and to manage my sensitivities to being in a human body at this time.

It's easy to lose perspective, to forget our empathic energies, and to get caught up in the fear that is rampant in not only in our neighbourhoods and communities, but throughout the world.

The energy of fear is potent, and the polarity between Love and Fear is greater than ever before!

Those of us who are connected to higher frequencies and are struggling, it is important to create, because this creative energy will be used to help others to trascend the denser 3D frequencies. Even if others don't actually 'see' your work (such as a painting or a dance) your vibration coming into form will be adding to the healing not only of yourself, but of the collective!

Manifest more joy into your life,through a dedicated practice of self love and nurture.

Open up to change and be ready to embrace new experiences!

Most people were not prepared for what is going on, and we healers, lightworkers and empaths are needed more than ever at this time.

Think of the world as being your spaceship- you are simply a visitor here on planet Earth! HSPs feel everything more intensely than others. We cry when we watch the news, we have nightmares when we watch a scary film. We don't (can't) do small talk. We think everything at the deepest level and see the good in everyone. We see their fears and insecurities- even when the other cannot see it themselves. And what other people may find unpleasant, we find distressing.

And of course that is more true now than ever.

As an extrovert introvert and a highly sensitive person, being socially isolated and forced to stay home has been a huge relief. And spending so much time alone has felt so nourishing to my system. However just the last few days i noticed myself becoming increasingly exhausted, responding to facebook posts and friends who are very cerebral- everything that an intuitive empath is not. I exhausted my nervous system by defending my corner about natural health. and i forgot to surround myself with protection. My depth and intuition were being ridiculed and i found myself defending my corner with wild fierceness. My heart was hurting.

I needed to take time away from teaching my online classes (fortunately i have an amazing team at Fit From Within) and return to my simple quiet routine and reconnect with my creativity and back to my sovereign power.

The 'fight is on' between light and dark as more and More people are waking up!

Here are some of the ways in which you can navigate /survive this time of awakening, as we go through the labour pains for our new earth!

Below are 5 things that have helped me to get back on track, and connect to my true divine nature.

1/Accept yourself. HSPs ( Highly sensitive people) have stronger emotional reactions than other people. We feel emotions deeply and think about things intensely. It's just the way were wired. Accept how you feel. even if it's not comfortable.

2. Ground yourself l

As an empath this will help to maintain a sense of yourself, without getting overly lost in other peoples energies. Walking in nature is one of the best ways.

Soul to Soul

3/ Be creative. Use the time you have during social distancing and self-isolation to express yourself creatively – write, paint, draw, cook, design, garden, volunteer. HSPs need to process our thoughts and feelings. And we need to feel like we’re making a difference.

4    Exercise. It is known that physically active people have lower rates of anxiety and depression. Research shows that walking/exercising in nature is particularly beneficial. Try to do this everyday-even if you're following guidelines, you're allowed 60 minutes a day! Any length of time in nature is better than nothing.

5/Rest and Replenish We often forget that the mind and body are connected. Absorbing information, processing, worrying and feeling stressed take a toll on us emotionally, and that affects us physically as well. Take some down time to be alone and disengage from people. Don’t feel pressured to engage in lots of video chats. Turn off your phone, take a break from the screens and don’t watch too much news. Be sure to get plenty of sleep.

and finally...... Listen to music. I find it especially calming to listen to music in the morning, instead of rushing around or talking to people. Other people often like to engage with others to start their day but HSPs might find it better to have quiet time in the morning, listening to music, meditating, or writing in a journal. Starting your day with quiet time and soothing music gives you time to just breathe.

6. Feed your mind. Read books and articles, watch documentaries and think about things that interest you. As empaths,we love to think about ideas. What other people consider fun and relaxing isn’t always the same for us. We need an inner life, not just an outer one.

The current coronavirus situation is affecting our lives in many different ways. For highly sensitive people, that can mean we’re enjoying the comfort of staying home. But it can also present challenges, such as increasing levels of stress, depression and anxiety we may feel when we worry about this situation and its effect on other people. We can also worry about our own emotional responses to stress, which can damage our self-esteem and our mental health. But by using all the skills and strengths of a highly sensitive person, such as crerativity, empathy and appreciation of beauty and nature, we will get through this difficult time.


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