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Are you ready to meet the Love of Your Life?

Discover the core principles of Divine Union and meet the true love of your life. Powerful tools, meditation & coaching.

How to meet the love of  your life

In this course I share everything you'll need to meet the love of your life! It's happened to me and it can happen for you too! Just follow the instructions in this course and wooohoooo!!  Life will bring forth that which you sooo deserve! I take you step by step on a most magnificent journey!

Magical happenings, innerpeace and heaven on earth are all available to you!


The course includes lots of videos where I give you easy to follow exercises exercises, lots of support and a friendly face! I've tried and tested this for myself. And it works!  My God, does it work. I have never felt so in love and feelings of freedom in my life.

A small investment at just £77.77 and possibly one of the most valuable courses you'll ever take. Shakti xx

Course Content
Seven Lessons on meeting the love of your life
Meet your Inner Queen
Access to Twin Flame Spirit Facebook Group
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As we start vibing into higher dimensions, I will guide you to meeting the love of your life, dissolving and dismantling  all the parts that have prevented you up to this point, the parts that no longer serve you. We then alchemize them into the light, creating a stronger and more powerful authentic alignment to your twin flame.

One of the most common reasons that I've come across in the women's circles and coaching is the disembodiment to the root chakra, to the Shakti, Kundalini energy that is available to every woman. By gently activating her wisdom, the life force is released and the magic begins. This is the energy that will set you free and attract abundance in every area of your life.

This is my signature course and the most fundamental required knowledge & practice of all my teachings!

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