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7 Ways to Make your Life an Adventure!

I have just had one of the best adventures of my life!

It's not every day that you find yourself in Australia (especially when you'd originally booked India). Goa didn't appeal, and I was invited as a guest facilitator to a retreat in Koh Samui. From there, a lovely woman i met invited me to stay at her beautiful home in the Sunshine Coast, Australia. I then visited my son in Brisbaine, and, after moving into a shared house in the Queensland countryside, he spoke about possibly  moving to Melbourne. One morning his new landlord made a nasty and uncalled for comment- and within an hour we were packing up all of Mat's wordly possessions- and we set of for the adventure of a lifetime! 

You can watch the film that i made Road trip of a lifetime !

I love adventures! 

I've been thinking about how important having a sense of adventure is, even if you consider yourself to be 'not the adventurous type' .

1/ Practice being present.

Go for walks in places you've never been to before. I've discovered that it's so much easier to be present and in the moment when I'm somewhere new, somewhere i've not been to before. Even finding a pretty church and sitting in a churchyard at dusk can feel like an adventure!

2/ Take a new route

You'll have heard it before, i'm sure- but it works! Taking a new route, whether to work, to see a friend or even to the gym, can evoke the energy of adventure...... seriously- try it!

3/ Plan a sabbatical

My brother and his wife have planned a sabbatical. We all get to that certain age when we realize that life is short, bucket lists need to be fulfilled and there is no time like right now to start planning! I am excited simply writing these words! 

If you feel that you have worries about affordability, trust me there is always a way! Beliefs are those things that get in the way of having adventure- and that's what i help people with in my 1-1 coaching sessions! You can book a free 15 minutes with me by filling out the form on the homepage. Info about my 1-1 coaching is here.

4/ Imagine your Dream Life

Ask yourself 'what would my dream life look like?' If you've not experienced any personal development then this might feel a bit scarey! And i find that many of my clients are already therapists and healers and yet they are not practicing what they are preaching ( it's kind of a bit of a prerequisite too, that we teach what we most need to learn). I talk about this a lot in my book 'The Middle -aged Goddess Playbook' due to be published very soon. Imagining is the first step to creating!

5/ Try Something New

Think of one thing that you've always wanted to do or try- and go and book yourself in! It might be dry ski slopes in a neighbouring town, joining a walking club and meeting new people, or taking a day trip to Brighton. You never know whom you might meet, what you might learn and how much fun could potentially be yours for the taking! This is the stuff that adventures are made of!

 6/ Make a decision and don't hold back!

It can be around anything! But just STOP HOLDING BACK! Stop procrastinating, STOP waiting for tomorrow, STOP playing small! I watched Christian Pankhurst on a live facebook status recording last night at 11pm from the gym at my hotel in Melbourne. He was so radically honest about his decision that he was willing to risk losing everything and everyone- and he spoke his truth anyway. Listening to him speak his truth filled me with an aliveness and reminded me of how important radical honesty is! I have made a commitment recently to honour my health after a wake up call in relation to my cholesterol levels and i have rediscovered my passion for high intensity exercise! I have lowered my cholesterol so much in the past 4 weeks- because when i make a high level decision, there is NO holding back! Adventure energy is back, and , on the back of my recent road trip, i'm feeling very alive, fit and healthy. You can do and have this too! Just do it.........

7/ Discover what's holding you back

Resistance will be what is holding you back from living a life of purpose, abundance, joy and adventure! There comes a time when it's time. Time to stop making excuses, time to look at your beliefs, time to start really living!

Are you ready for your next adventure?

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