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Shakti is a world renowned cutting edge pilates and yoga teacher trainer who worked with a strong and committed clientele from her studio in Hertfordshire over 25 yrs.. Since closing the doors to her studio in April '21. Shakti is now teaching clients online in small groups & through her membership site with recorded and live sessions.Having taught on retreats world wide over 2 decades, Shakti has gained immense insight and skilled precision as well as highly intuitive psychic abilities.

 Sessions by appointment only.

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Shakti Kali Kaloczi has been described as one of the UK's cutting edge teachers and has taught 1000's of people worldwide on retreats and studio throughout several continents. She is a master Teacher Trainer.

I trained extensively with Ruth White for 2 years and gained a 500 hour certification with BWY. Yoga for me has been more than an exercise technique, but a philosophy on life. My knowledge of the body (pilates) & alignment is not complete without ALL the limbs of Yoga. I have taught many different styles of yoga over the past 25 yrs and have a large tool box to offer! Having taught many retreats worldwide, I have seen the incredible benefits of yoga for everyone. & love to weave my teachings & rituals into my courses & mentorships. I am also available for one on one virtually or in the studio.



I trained in mat & classical studio Pilates with Karin Locher at The Centre for Spacial Medicine as well as with Stott Pilates and previous to that took Michael King's very first mat work teacher trainer course in the late '90's. With a wealth of knowledge & a massive toolbox my preference is to work with a whole mind body spirit approach.

Voted Best Pilates & Yoga teacher in Herts, Beds & Bucks!

"One of the UK's cutting edge teachers"

80% of clients are longterm (10-30yrs) with an unbeatable retention record!

Online Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching available

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I guide you through some simple exercises to help you relax into your body and begin to move. The invitation always is to allow yourself to be moved by the music and your emotions rather than 'do' your usual dance moves. However, nothing is ever 'wrong' and your willingness to show up is really all that matters.


"This is my favourite way to keep fit , lose inches from my waist, and connect with my deepest, most vulnerable &  real self!"

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