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Next 5D Mentorship Coming Soon...

Abundance, Purpose, Magic, Community

Our human family is now set for miraculous amounts of transformation- like we've never known before! It is time to release all that we think we are and honour the process of change happening at the core of our being.... to assist you in your awakening, I am very honoured & excited to launch a new mentoring experience in April.


This will be for conscious women who are ready for transformation!

Releasing old wounds and outdated belief systems and upgrading to 2021 frequencies of Abundance , Purpose , Magic and Community!

I no longer look for the good in people, I search for the real….Because while good is often dressed in fake clothing, real is authentic raw and naked. In my new mentorship program you will learn how to get more in touch with the real you, the one you forgot, the one you left behind. So many women that I work with have forgotten who they really are. I am here to support you in remembering your true nature and bringing her all the love that she needs to shine in the world.​

I have been working towards my mission for many years and I am excited to support you In your transformation throughout 2021💖


Right now the energies are potent, as they shall be throughout the whole of next year & there is no time to waste.


The Mentorship is offered at three levels.

Pink Clouds


  • Live Zoom meeting / Heart Circles

  • Lifestyle / business activations 

  • Guided Meditations

  • Angel card readings

  • Support / questions 

  • Community   


Three months £333.

Blue Sky


  • Live Zoom meeting / Heart Circles

  • Lifestyle / business activations 

  • Guided Meditations

  • Angel card readings

  • Support / questions 

  • Community 

  • 30 min 1-1 coaching twice monthly

  • One business coaching session per month


Three months £555.

Untitled design(12).png
Pink Clouds


  • Live Zoom meeting / Heart Circles

  • Lifestyle / business activations 

  • Guided Meditations

  • Personal weekly Angel card readings

  • Support / questions 

  • Community

  • Weekly 1-1 business coaching / Trauma release session


Three months £999.

Untitled design(13).png
Mentorship Testimonials

Connect to your inner Goddess!

​​As we start vibing into higher dimensions, we have a new paradigm of heart centred living and our evolution brings this heart based transformation into our business, passions, creativity, health, money and love . Online rapid transformation mentorship groups are powerfully healing & supportive of the energies of 2021 & the Great Awakening. You learn how to listen to the heart, from first connecting, feeling the power of what it is that you really want to say, feeling it in your body, and then finally speaking. With this conscious communication, meditations & downloads, you'll be supported week by week as you ascend and raise your frequency to match the New Earth.​

Accessing higher frequency energy gives life to greater abundance in every area of your life. I'm seeing it already in my teaching and coaching clients. It's massive and yet subtle and I am very excited for the  new frequencies  2021 shall bring! 

Business coaching

To  support you in your new mission based business. Or to guide you into realizing your purpose and get you started on your journey to transformation and service.

Starship & Heaven

Receive personalized one on one support, the value of these private coaching sessions is over  £2000 and includes all the features of Lighthouse including weekly Heart Circles.

Let’s make 2021 the best year of  your life!

Living in alignment is the only way to be!

I am excited to offer this mentorship to women who are ready for transformation in 2021.

I have studied with so many incredible teachers, and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in coaching and space holding, and have recently been called 'the coach to the coaches'

"I am a facilitator myself & I was blown away with  Shakti's space holding - a very profound experience"

Shakti Sundari, Priestess & coach

Connect to your inner light!

As we start vibing into higher dimensions, life will begin to start rapidly changing. You'll feel more alive and access higher states of consciousness as you begin to follow the breadcrumbs to vast amounts of joy.

Take responsibility for your own experience

You are here for you


You will be part of a private Facebook group and have access to weekly Zoom heart circles and meditations.You'll also receive one on one support depending on which level you're ready to invest in. Since I invested in me 10 years ago I have reversed the aging process - one of the great bonuses of doing the work! Shadow work and inner child work play a huge part in transformation, and is so much easier done with support and community around us.

We agree to be responsible for our self, our emotions, our experience, and our life.

We agree to own our emotions.

We agree to take responsibility for remaining present during the circle.

We use ‘I’ statements rather than ‘we’ or ‘you’. We agree to step out of victim mentality and identify the role we each play in our life experiences. We agree to find out what we want in our situation and take responsibility for it. We strive to avoid stepping into the drama and getting lost in the story. There is much Love and compassion felt and experienced during a Heart Circle and within transformational coaching and mentorship experiences.

Empty your mind of everything you think is either true or false, good or bad, of all things you judge, worthy or unworthy, of all sense of shame. Hold on to nothing. Do not cling to anything you learned before TODAY.


Abundance is your birthright!

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