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Feeling safe enough to be vulnerable, to share how you really feel, is so enormously liberating!

Transformational One to One Coaching


"Shakti has a unique gift for tapping right into the core of what needs healing"

I hold loving space for any part that is ready to be healed. This may involve reading the energetic body , physical body, trauma release, gestalt therapy, theta healing , reiki, meditation, innerchild work, channelling and downloads. I also offer Spiritual business coaching.


One on One Coaching

One session £111

Three sessions £300

11 Sessions £777

Pink to Orange Gradient

My intro with Shakti was the most amazing, beautiful experience I've ever had! It has impacted my life more than I could have ever imagined and I got more in one session of Heart Circling than I have done in six months of therapy! Incredible. Shakti thank you!

Margaret T

You'll leave feeling brand new

Empty your mind of everything you think is either true or false, good or bad, of all things you judge, worthy or unworthy, of all sense of shame. Hold on to nothing. Do not cling to anything you learned before TODAY. I don't care who you are or what you've been through. You are loved.


"One on one coaching with Shakti has opened my life to see that i am worthy of me"

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