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Why Detox doesn’t (always) work!

Meet Elicia & Doug Miller.....

Recently I met up with an old friend Elicia Miller, whom I first met in Koh Samui, Thailand nine years ago. Elicia was heavily into detox and I went on to follow her journey of fasting and detoxing for many years via her youtube channel. Since reconnecting, I am now honoured to be studying innerchild work with Elicia, a candida expert and creator of 'Express what's Repressed' Below is a link to a recent interview I did here in Koh Samui with Elicia and her lovely husband Doug Miller,who is a clinical and transpersonal psychotherapist.

I hadn't seen Elicia for six years, and i was amazed at the huge transformation that she has made in her life! Absolutely walking the walk, not just talking the talk. We've both been on a similar journey, realizing one big missing link in the whole detox story! Throughout my decade of detoxing, drinking green juices, exercising regularly, and eating raw, I'd still been an addict.

On 23rd Dec 2014 i finally gave up my 40 year addiction to nicotine.

I felt transformed beyond words.

This is when, within a year. my real journey to Self began.....

I have been ‘around ‘ detox for well over ten years, and it started when i first got the symptoms of ulcerative colitis. I've always had an interest in clean living- and yet, like all humans, it was my emotions that were the root cause of my addictive behaviours. So many of us into clean living have arrived here through disease, poor body image and /or addictive personalities. But the main 'culprit' for all addictions is lack of connection to self. Shopping, gym, sex and food are just a few activities we participate in, in order to avoid feeling,

Luckily as i approach 57, i've relaxed my eating habits and and interestingly notice that i now naturally choose healthy foods without any effort. I make conscious choices moment by moment and support my clients who are beginning their journey to self through one to one and group coaching and mentorship I believe that my addictions have fallen away due to the Heart Circling and emotional detoxing that I've been journeying through this past two years.

In this live interview, Elicia covers the following points

  • How she was finally able to stop the detox cycle after 17 years

  • The different reasons people detox and the emotional connections to each reason

  • The unexpected results of her 30-day water fast (including writing a rap song!)

  • How emotional healing unblocks our intuitive guidance system and opens us for abundance in all aspects of our lives (including financial

  • The interface between the mind and the body and the physiological effects of repressed emotions

Click this link to watch now 'Why Detox doesn't work...

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