Authentic, vulnerable, real

Heart Circles are open to anyone wanting to connect more deeply with the Truth of who you really are.

Are you ready?

Feeling safe enough to be vulnerable, to share how we really feel, is so enormously liberating!

Communities come together to discover what it is each person wants. More connection is experienced. Discover what it is that you really LOVE to do. Not what you’ve been told you should be doing, but what your heart wants.

I am so excited by the immense power of circle work that I believe it to be the very essence of healing. I studied with Christian Pankhurst and Heart IQ and it's been an amazing journey. This work is incredibly, powerfully healing!

End self critical thoughts and judgement

          Release your guilt, regret and resentment

Connect to more joy and learn how to end depression

Conquer your addictions by opening your heart fully

Get rid of that voice that says ‘I’m not enough’      Awaken your inner goddess or warrior

Claim your worth and assert clearer boundaries

                                                                  MAKE FRIENDS AND CONNECT WITH YOUR PEOPLE 

Learn what’s at the root of your health problems

Discover your deepest purpose

                               Get out of head and end the numbness


End the crazy spinning of your mind

Feel your life force and rekindle your zest for living

   Learn skills to improve your intimacy                Become confident, and self assured

Heal your unworthiness


Get into your body

End the worry, anxiety and panic attacks

Heal sexual abuse and trauma

          Uncover the real reason we gain weight                               Take inspired action rather than procrastinate


Connect with your fellow brothers and sisters

Feel more alive!

As we start vibing into higher dimensions, we have a new paradigm of heart centred living and our evolution brings this heart based healing modality to the forefront of whole-hearted life. Sitting in a Heart Circle group allows one to 'Speak from the Heart', sharing what you are wanting and feeling. You learn how to listen to the heart, from first connecting, feeling the power of what it is that you really want to say, feeling it in your body, and then finally speaking

Fortnightly online circles for beginner and experienced. It's not even necessary to speak, just soak up the love and get your healing from the group!

One Month £66

Two Months  £99

Members free


I host one day & weekend circling events with experienced guest facilitators. 

VIRTUAL one day Heart circling

£77.77 10am-5pm



My intro with Liz was the most amazing, beautiful experience I've ever had! It has impacted my life more than I could have ever imagined and I got more in one session of Heart Circling than I have done in six months of therapy! Incredible. Liz, thank you!

Margaret T

Take responsibility for your own experience

You are here for you


We agree to be responsible for our self, our emotions, our experience, and our life. We agree to own our emotions. We agree to take responsibility for remaining present during the circle. We use ‘I’ statements rather than ‘we’ or ‘you’. We agree to step out of victim mentality and identify the role we each play in our life experiences. We agree to find out what we want in our situation and take responsibility for it. We strive to avoid stepping into the drama and getting lost in the story. There is much Love and compassion felt and experienced during a Heart Circle.

I would love for you to come and experience and evening here at the Fit From Within Studio. Empty your mind of everything you think is either true or false, good or bad, of all things you judge, worthy or unworthy, of all sense of shame. Hold on to nothing. Do not cling to anything you learned before TODAY.


Heart Circles bring a direct experience of Heart. Of Love. Of compassion.