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11 Ways to Shine in 2021

Being on the Ascension path means that you will start to shine and those around you will notice.

Here are 11 ways to shine in 2021

1/ Start speaking from the heart.

This means that you’re going to start saying what you really mean and not what you think you should be saying what you’ve been programmed to say. Authentic communication heart circles are a great way to learn how to practice the art of authentic communication.

2/ Practice living in the moment.

As a yoga teacher for over 20 years we always taught that the present is the gift, and that the past and the future are all in the mind. As we enter the Aquarian age it is going to be easier and easier to be in the now moment, and with practice and less Activity in the denser mind / ego / worry there is more room for the light to enter your being!!

3/ Love what to do!

Whether it be the excitement of starting a new online business, discovering a new hobby, or spending more time with new friends, enjoyment of life is the key!

One of my key principles in my Spiritual business and lifestyle coaching is that without loving what you do every day, you will lose the sparkle!

You came here to shine. 💫

4/ Find the courage to be you!!

You are magnificent and you are worthy of unlimited amounts of love, abundance, and excitement in every area of your life! When you realise this truth you will start to shine from the inside and inspire others to find that within themselves too.

5/ Stop eating processed food and start to eat the foods that God intended.

If you are what you eat then eating dead food will never induce your inner light to shine!

6/ Practice breath work.

In yoga we call it pranayama, but Breath work has become very popular as a means to better health and better mood. Wim Hoff is a brilliant breath work teacher who is leading the way. Breath work is no longer limited to the yoga community, which makes me very happy because that’s how it should be!

7/ Forgive yourself

One of the best ways to heal is to practice forgiveness. We often forget to forgive ourselves and the parts of us and our past which we may be unconsciously still holding onto , which is dense and negative energy.

This is one of the key principles of my Heart Circling and transformational coaching .

8/ Heal your inner child

Inner child work is one of the most deeply profound healing therapies available to us. Paragraph I always use inner child work somewhere in my sessions! By the time we are five we are already imprinted with our parents beliefs and our unconscious Unworthiness ha set in. I always see people shine after and in a child session.

9/ Go on a retreat!

So in 2021 a retreat will probably mean an online retreat! But once you have a coach to work with and videos to watch take yourself off to a beautiful location and give yourself the retreat of a lifetime! A change of scenery and some relaxation and your light will begin to shine through (see the video below xx)

10/ Drink lots of water!

I love warm lemon water, but it’s always important that I remember and remind myself to drink it . S

Especially being a lover of coffee with cream! It’s so important that we all hydrate, particularly in the winter when there is no sunshine.

11/ Get a Spiritual Coach to guide you and support you on your journey to enlightenment. We are wired for connection, community , tribe. Shining our light together and co-creating a better world for our children and our children’s children. Welcome to the Great Awakening

If you would like upport in any of the above, or to join my mentorship programme or 1-1 coaching pls email


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