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Would you like to look younger, have more energy, find your passion and start to live your dream life?

I did all this after I reached 50, and I share with you all of my secrets in this step by step guide!

Shakti Kali Kaloczi

Learn how to activate the part of you who is happy and free, beautiful, radiant, sexy, ageless, playful and full of life! At 56 I am more in love with life than ever before, and I share my secrets with you here.

To reserve your copy of The Middle-Aged Goddess Playbook PLUS have a FREE 15 minute mentoring consultation with Elizabeth Shakti about how you can start to live your dream life, click on the button to let us know!

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Middle Aged Goddess


"From being a 25 yr old widowed mum with two small babies, living in poverty and with PTSD, panic attacks & burn out I have spent my life learning about what makes a woman feel truly alive & fulfilled.

Shakti Kali Kaloczi , (Elizabeth Shakti Kaloczi) has inspired women all over the world to rise from the ashes of despair, poverty, low self-esteem and poor health to a life of joy, excitement, freedom, self-expression, and creativity! She believes that once a woman reaches fifty, then her time to truly own her Goddess is ripe and ready to be explored!

With a vast experience of working with women over a span of 25 years as a yoga and Pilates teacher, Shakti is a shining example of how any woman can turn the traumas of life's betrayals and use them to create a life that some people only ever dream of.

In her book 'The Middle-Aged Goddess Playbook' she shares her pearls of wisdom, insights, and experiences with humour, compassion and deep integrity.

Shakti Kali offers you the resources, love, and support to creating the life you know you want, deep inside. How to finally unleash the Goddess who has been waiting your whole life to emerge from the confines of self-abuse, low self-esteem, broken relationships and life's excruciating dramas!

Shakti Kali Kaloczi
I will show you how you can turn middle age frumpiness into the sexiest, healthiest, and happiest expression of your true nature!

Shakti is a heart IQ facilitator and recently, aged 56, took an ecstatic dance Temple facilitator training. In Feb 2018 she will be studying to become a celebrant.

So, if you're getting married, wanting a naming celebration, or any other beautiful soulful sacred ceremony, then contact Shakti on 

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