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Trusting in Life

The past months have been magical . Since I completed my 1st book ‘The Middle aged Goddess Playbook' & await publication day ( hopefully Monday 16th July 2018) my life appears to be a sequence of incredible experiences! So much so that I’m finding that I've already got heaps of magical stories ready to share in the next book !

I've mentioned many special people in my book , as i tell my life story, which is intersperced with ancient Goddess wisdoms.

However, I didn't expect to hear from my late husband through spirit!

He appeared unexpectedly when I attended a healing circle with a friend this week. And i received a very deep opportunity for some huge healing.

In this short film below ( which was taken from a live Facebook status ) I explain what happened when I attended a healing Circle and got a very clear message and visit from my late husband Steve Taylor

. Loving message from my late husband

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