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A mother's Gift..... (True Story)

When my sister Maria exclaimed that she was pregnant with her fourth child ( 12 yrs ago!) no one was more excited than our beloved mother, Anne Kaloczi.

My Mum

My mum was the most loving mother anyone could have wished for. So when she was mis diagnosed which resulted in colon cancer and died at the young age of sixty-five, it left my whole family completely devasted beyond measure.

When mum was given a few months to live i developed an auto immune disease from the stress. The thought of losing my mother was unbearable. My sister and two younger brothers went through their own private hell. Infact , I did my first ever ten day juice fast and then through some act of grace I seemed to find an inner strength that carried us all through those traumatic weeks as we watched our mother become more and more frail.

Sadly, our mum was given a death sentence way before her time, and my sister , who was carrying her fourth baby ,asked the hospital if she could be induced into labour because our darling mother was now in a hospice, and it appeared that the timings were looking pretty aligned......

A Gift from the Faeries....

As Maria was rushed into labour as my mother lay dying during her final weeks, an emergency situation meant that Maria would need to have a cessarian- something she really did not want to go through. At forty- four she was already being monitered, having had a difficult labour previously and the obvious intrusion of the iminant passing of our beloved mother.

But what happened as a result was divine intervention.

A woman's intuition

You can listen to the beautiful story here when i interviewed my sister live on radio Verulam several years ago.

And feel free to share this beautiful story.

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