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Photoshoot.... a magical Day in Bali!

Earlier this year whilst in Bali I met an amazingly beautiful and talented artist called Gaelyn Miriam Larrick.

I had the pleasure of taking my first ever professional photo shoot, and it was such fun!

I felt like a pro, and the day was completely magical!

After reading my book 'The Middle aged Goddess Playbook' I recommend that you go and and get yourself a photoshoot too!

In my book I will show you how to connect to your inner beauty. The beautiful woman that resides deep within you.

You see, Beauty begins the moment you start to remember who you really are.

You can pre order my book here

All women are beautiful..

When i was much younger I used to dress and give make overs to my friends, I saw that every girl/woman was beautiful. Sometimes all that is needed is a little support and encouragement. And some great make-up!

You can learn how to take a great photo...

How to stand in front of the camera, good posture, a relaxed smile- all of these things can be learnt. I've even given lessons in Thailand and women are always so happy with the resulting pictures. Often, they cannot believe that it's 'them' in the photograph!

You'll need a good photographer

Gaelyn is in Bali. If you're there (or indeed anywhere in Asia) go see her!

If Bali isn't too close to you then do not fret dear siStarz..... for I would love to help assist you in your shoot!

I have a photographer to work with and this is something that i've always wanted to do.

So, get in touch and ask me about photo shoots!

And here is Gaelyn's website:

I really do love to help women feel better about themselves!

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