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How to start a new life after 50!

It seems that I've inspired many women, some to the point where they're missing the joy of watching their children grow up, or longing for something other than what they have now. For me, it wasn't so much that i didn't like being a mum, it was more that I was in relationships where I wasn't feeling whole. And that wasn't the fault of my partner, it was me just not being in touch with my own magnificent light. Some call it awakened, realized or simply in touch with my 'higher Self'

Something happens after 50

it's that time in your life where it's either downhill or uphill. If it's neither of those, then my beautiful, you are stuck! You're probably drinking too much, shopping too much, moaning too much or too involved in the latest episode of your favourite soap.

I'm serious. Which one are you?

That voice in your head

My guess is, if you're reading this then you're either stuck or going down hill. And neither is particularly heartwarming nor comforting.

I took a risk this year. A voice in my head said 'Liz, if you go away for the winter this year , I think you're running away! ' I nearly believed that voice in my head. It was the sensible know all part of me who had heard from many that 'escaping your life is a sure sign that 'all is not well'

You've heard the saying 'when you go away to a new place, you take yourself with you!'

In other words, you go away somewhere new but you cannot run away from YOU.

My family home

I decided to ignore this voice in my head and leave anyway. At least my heating bill would be covered by the lodger renting out my bed sitting room in my family home.

Awww, my family home! Well, my family home is now just a distant memory of family, since my boys are grown up men in their thirties. My memories now are more of the all the colourful weird and wonderful lodgers that i've taken on over the past six years since turning fifty!

Advice number one. Let go of nostalgic ideas about 'what was'.... it will never serve you, unless you're smiling over a mocktail at sunset by the beach in some far away land....

Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Yes, that's the title of a book that I've not read, but a phrase i tell myself now and again. Not too much fear though, thank you very much. I recently walked out of a 5 day ashram experience ( see the blog!) and i say 'feel the fear and do it if you feel it will serve you. Otherwise, get the fuck out!'

You don't need to prove yourself to anyone anymore once you hit fifty. Not your mother, not your father (lucky if you still have both alive) not your children, not your boss, not society! No, you're a beautiful expression of your own light, no need to fear anything any longer! Now is your time to be who you really are, and who you were all along. Not the woman that society wanted you to be, your culture or your religion. Be a rebel! Fight for a cause! Shine your inner light on this world- for she needs you and she needs you NOW!

See your own inner beauty

It's true! When you finally become the real you, or rather, when you start be-ing the real you, you will become more beautiful. As you connect with your own radiance and follow your heart, follow your dreams and follow your joy, then you will start to glow an inner beauty that will reflect on the outside too. Getting to 'over fifty' is the time in our lives when we have served everyone else, raised families, obeyed our bosses, fitted into societies expectations and towed the line. Real beauty begins the moment you start to follow your deepest desires and become the authentic you.

Getting to fifty is a milestone. It happened to me six years ago and it's been the most amazing journey to self. We now live in an age where anything and everything is possible. Fifty is the new thirty. Without the the hassle.

Embrace it. No more stuckness, no more being down, fed up, bored or old. It's all in your head!

Get out there and start a new life, because I promise you, it'll be the best gift you could ever give to yourself.

My book and courses go into more detail about to live the life that you may have only ever dreamed of..... out soon!

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