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Beauty from Within...

Sitting in a Heart Circle

Whenever I sit in circle , & we get intimate, and authentic. I always notice how beautiful everyone looks. A radiance emanates from within which is beyond the physical. I love to meet people in this vulnerable place. I love to meet the 'real you' !

Good to ‘meet you’

In a Heart circle we meet the ‘real’ version of you, or at least , the version that you can feel safe to access. It’s continuing to amaze me at how many layers we all have! Like uncovering a gift from the children’s party game ‘pass the parcel’ How much of myself dare I reveal? Will I still be loved ?

No one is perfect !

The more I trust in my human- ness the more I allow myself to show up - in every aspect! I am enjoying witnessing those who have created transformation in their lives by honoring this truth! The more of ‘me’ I am willing to reveal the more I see ( & the deeper I love) others.

I am another You, cleverly disguised as ME!

In circle we recognise that we are all mirrors. What you don’t like about me is simply me mirroring an aspect of yourself that you don't like about you (that you’re probably unaware of) This provides a very solid and easy to access navigation system to deep personal transformation.

So many of my behaviours are ‘unconscious

I’m taking my spiritual & personal growth to a new level of awareness. We ‘know what we know , we know what we don’t know

- but we don’t know what we don’t know’.

I’ve known that saying for decades and now has come the time to explore so many hidden aspects ( shadow work).

I am sooo ready for the next level!

Feeling Beautiful

Doing this ‘innerwork’ I am noticing that I look better on the outside too. I look younger, less stressed ( I choose my lifestyle and follow my heart) Interestingly I am noticing that my body is responding in a very positive way in relation to my weight. At 56, my body is getting to look fabulous and with no or little effort!

(More on that in the next blog!)

Me this morning, boxing day in Koh Samui, Thailand.

I run Heart Circling days and weekends in London and will also be offering online . To join an online group please email me at :

I’ll be back in London in mid Feb & looking forward to starting a new project called ‘Inspired London’.

I’d love to hear from you , and welcome any questions!

Shakti xxx

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