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My Big Wake Up Call!

For those of you who follow my adventures, trials and tribulations on social media, you'll know that recently I was admitted to A&E with chest pains. I spent the night in a private ward in a lovely brand new hospital in the Sunshine Coast, Australia and was told that i may be 'having a heart attack!

After being wired and hooked up to all kinds of monitors, I was really surprised at how the young GP on the ward insisted that i needed to take statins immediately (or die- that's what it sounded like)..... but I said 'NO WAY!'

The next day, after intuitively knowing that I was OK, i was informed that my chest pains were not me having a heart attack. I was sent for a 'stress test' to double check, and not only did the running to full capacity clear my pain, but.....

It also showed me to have the fitness levels of a 40 year old.

So, why all the fuss?

My cholesterol levels were high, and, given that i was a smoker for 40 years, and as of recently we now have heart problems in my family, plus my age, all meant that the doctors were worried.

However, although I was concerned, I felt a strange sense of relief.

My morning/ and or afternoon enjoyment of secret pastry delights could be hidden no longer.

I had been caught out!

After all, since discovering Heart IQ and creating Heart Circling events at my Pilates Studio, I discovered that weight had seemingly started to drop off ,as i released long held emotions. The more I released, the better my metabolism! So although I was looking slim and feeling cholesterol levels were dangerously high!

I'd somehow managed to skip merrily through menopause with no symptoms, have not a grey hair in sight, had got bored at the gym, and had told myself that the only form of exercise i wanted to do from now on was ecstatic dance and walking!

However, I'd not found a dance to go to in months, and deep down i knew that i needed... no... i craved to move my body much more than i was currently doing.

( Yes, I'm pretty all or nothing!)

The past six months had seen me spend more and more time online, and less and less time exercising.

I felt stagnant!

And although an 'expert' on mind/body fitness, Somehow, something was just stopping me from taking the steps I intuitively felt I needed to take.

We must take our health in our hands! And especially heart health!

I'd finished writing my book, but I really hadn't addressed the emotional issues behind the comfort of regular croissant eating.

As an empty nester, who rents out her home to tenants and lives in a small room at the back of the house, i found myself popping off to Starbucks every morning. I liked the routine and the freedom of going to my 'office' to work on my projects. But you see when i do this in Bali, or now Melbourne-there are an abundance of healthy eateries. It's much easier to go out and to eat healthy snacks in these tropical climates than it is in the UK... I've never been too happy about that!

I have made two videos (so far) about this whole crazy and life changing experience, and I ask you to share this blog with anyone whom you know is looking to heal from high cholesterol. diabetes, arthritis or indeed any other inflammatory condition. I've learnt so much, am researching so much, and getting so many messages of support and thankyou's for the sharing of my journey/inspiration.

Perhaps I can inspire you or a loved one to step up your own health goals and get fit and healthy too....... ?

I never thought that this would happen to me, especially given that the past thirty years has been foccussed on health, fitness and well-being.

But it did. I am human, and I am happy and honored to be sharing my story with you.

Click on the links below to watch my story.

Shakti x

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