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The Blessing & Curse of being an intuitive Empath

I've always known that I have a gift of connecting with people very quickly and on a very deep level. So when I connect with people they tell me that they feel we've known each other for ever. At school I always befriended the unpopular kid who might've been prone to bullies. I had so many friends who called me their 'best friend' in my adult life because I was always able to really connect on a deeper level than many of my peers.

I never really know what to call myself in relation to the work i do ...Intuitive coach/mentor seems to kind of loosley fit. I do not diagnose and treat mental illness or psychological conditions. . I see traditional therapy as more head /intellectually focused: there is a problem to be solved , a solution required - a very 'masculine' energy of fixing . I work with the feminine receiving intuitive energies of holding space and allowing . I'm more concerned with the 'feeling body' I help people get out of their head (intellect) it's what I'm good at and where my gift lies . I always know how someone is feeling at the core - and they cannot fool me ! It's a gift that I've always had but wasn't sure that it was 'normal' or 'accepted' in our society . I literally feel the energies of whom I'm with and can choose to relate deeply if that is required . Otherwise I find it difficult to be present and become bored and unintersted . Give me your soul or give me nothing,

When we feel deeply seen and deeply connect with another , then it is easy to fall in love!

Occasionally male clients get confused with this form of intimacy ,Even at our women's circles and shakti dance evenings , we sisters often fall in love .

It's not romantic love but it is love.

You see, attention IS love.

Most of us don't know how to give real attention.


My work is also based on my personal experience. I've experienced much in my life and i've had my rite of passage . I believe that most souls like me have to go through this rite of passage. We are tested, boy are we tested! I've also worked through a lot of my own 'stuff' so I always share what has worked for me. I am no guru; there is absolutely nothing I’ve done that you can’t do. And I keep challenging myself because there is no true destination to this kind of work. We’re always evolving

I’m also an intuitive, which means I ask questions from a different place. Intuitive not just from the perspective of having a gut feeling or some esoteric perspective; it’s from doing this work at such a deep level that I intuitively understand it, know it, breathe it and deeply connect to what the people I work with are going through. It’s the difference between leading with your gut/heart/intuitive-based action and leading with your head. That may not seem like a big difference, but let me tell you, it’s huge. Most of us never take action. We decide to think our way out of it, finding all sorts of reasons to avoid our feelings . We think that taking some action of some kind will be the answer - but this approach dosn't give lasting results.

When I go into a session with a client, as I've always done in all of my work , I don’t have a pre-conceived idea as that would miss the point completely . Instead I listen, feel, respond and then dig deeper when I hear something or feel something based on what that person is saying because what the client tells me is rarely what the real problem is. The perceived problem is at the level of the mind. Repetitive thoughts and patterns lead us to believe we can just think it away. But we can't. Most of the time these days I feel pretty amazing, especially when I do my embodied practices . And sometimes old emotions resurface and I just allow myself to feel them.

I am also an empath and I take on the emotions of others.

It's important for me to find solitude on a daily basis. Crowds don't work for me , nor strip lights watching mainstream news, drunk people or polite small talk. And take me into one of those slot machine arcades on a huge shopping mall-and I'd run a mile!

It felt such a blessing to realise that this is 'normal' for an empath. Knowing this , and following and honouring my heart , travel , being in nature, sunshine,and being around open minded conscious people , and eating clean all help me to stay in resonance to my energetic body.

This is when I am at my happiest .

The people whom I attract are often of similar vibration and looking for some motivation, inspiration and most of all they want to be listened to.

.Relationships serve as mirrors for us empaths, Empaths are challenged to live their deepest truth. They are also challenged to stand strong in themselves, rooted down to the Earth by the very core of their being. Yet the journey of getting there can be a very painful process. All kinds of tests and events come up, as a form of initiation – how do you deal with heartbreak? How do you deal with solitude? What happens when your wounds are triggered? Where do you give away your power? Why? What is your relationship to yourself? All are different ways of asking you: are you choosing yourself? Or are you abandoning yourself? You are so powerful. Know this. On some deep level in your soul, you already do.

Humans are extremely complex and everything is connected. Our childhood sets the stage for who we become as adults; this is where our core beliefs are established. We develop patterns based on these beliefs, but most of us walk through life completely unaware they are driving our behavior. I shine a light on these patterns and underlying beliefs to start unraveling pain, discontent and “stuck-ness” at the source. Emotions Are Key Feeling your feelings is absolutely essential to what I do. We are SO disconnected from ourselves and think everything can be figured out in our head. It simply can’t. Our subconscious is always fighting to keep us safe, so when we don’t have self-awareness, we stay stuck. When you deliberately allow your feelings to surface (most of us shove them down), you can connect with similar feelings from the past, which provide clues to the beliefs that are operating. An emotional trigger—when someone says or does something that makes you react and fly off the handle—is always related to something in your past, never the present situation. Try to see these triggers as opportunities to look within. Our perception of the world was formed as children, when we didn’t have logic or reason to explain why things were a certain way. As a result, we created stories to make sense of things, and developed behaviors to keep ourselves safe. These stories and behaviors got fixed deeply in our subconscious, but infact have nothing to do with our current reality.

Action is essential. Not intellectual action, but emotional action. You can talk and understand and intellectually process until the cows come home, but if you don’t step into your fear and actually take different actions, nothing will change.

This requires a willingness to get very uncomfortable, pushing against your subconscious and the familiar patterns that are fighting to keep you safe . But this is a place of 'stuckness' and to grow and expand into our true self then it is vital that we face these feelings!

I love to work with other empaths because i am one too. If you're overly sensitive or emotional, drained by crowds, feeling others pain, get exhausted by friends who talk too much, find yourself choosing to be alone over a hectic social life, overeat to cope with emotional stress, and want someone to listen to you, I'm happy to help.

We have big hearts, and need to know how to protect ourselves. As a PSTD survivor I had to learn how to take care of myself. And until i'd heard of an empath, not that long ago, I never really understood why I was the way I was.

And it feels so good to know.

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