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Our Portugal Retreat! The two Shakti's & the Adi Shakti Namo Namo Mantra.

So this was my last retreat of my 'old life' . 

I've had the most amazing year , finished writing my first book 'The Middle aged Goddess' been to Bali,Australia , Thailand and done heaps of innerwork. And I finally decided to stop teaching pilates . It's been happening slowly . 

Everything feels like it's been falling away .

The six weeks prior to the retreat I went through a big awakening. I didn't know how I would manage to teach from my old perspective to my clients of over two decades !

So I invited my good friend Shakti Sundari to come and join me in some teachings....

 We did some kundalini yoga , meditations, chants as well as heart circling ( which Shakti loved) and of course pilates ! We had a really awesome time together, and it felt really good to hang out with a beautiful Goddess who shares my beliefs, passions and interests!

Since my interest in the divine feminine over the past few years has emerged ....

 my interest in masculine disciplines such as most hatha yoga practices , pilates & structured exercise has been replaced by conscious dance , 5Rythms & Conscious relating ( Heart Circling , Heart IQ) 

Even my meditations became moving - walking in nature and dancing are my favourite meditations - the feminine movement as opposed to the stillness of the masculine. 

Shakti and I taught many various styles of meditation on the retreat - and my clients loved it! 

Interestingly , the majority of my pilates clients ( and the majority have attended for a very long time!) are not interested in heart Circling . 

So I've created two very different groups ....

I've had to listen to my intuition and make the decision to follow my heart .  My longing to help make this world a better place and support others in that fully is my passion!

I choose to mentor , coach , write , facilitate workshops, dance and enjoy my life and that means choosing now to hand over all of

my classes to the wonderful teachers at the studio.

Our retreat marked the end of a very long era. I've been teaching for nearly 30 years ! 

 In the video below, Shakti shares a mantra that we sang . My clients really enjoyed this one - and although avid pilates fans , Shakti really managed to arouse some interest and get this lovely mantra well and truly 'into our heads'. 

Oftentimes, learning to chant devotional mantras can be a portal into opening the heart. Softening into the core of our being and allowing vibrations & frequencies to permeate - that's what chanting a mantra can do . It can induce calm , mindfulness anytime , any place , anywhere .

I've been singing it ever since!

Click on the link below 

- oh and please 'like' and share too! 

 The words can be found in the introduction should you want to sing along !

Thank you Shakti for joining me and I hope that we can do a retreat together again one day .....

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