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Are you ready to Awaken?

Are you a conscious woman on the path to awakening & ready for  inspiration, healing & deep transformation?

I assist women in connecting to their true authentic nature through embodied movement, 1-1 coaching, mentorship  & Heart Circling both online & in person.

I will support you to feel beautiful from the inside out, connect to your passion & to find the confidence to be who you really are.

You'll look & feel lighter & younger, release pain, be excited to create & live your life purpose & magnetically inspire & manifest all that your heart desires!

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New online Pilates & Heart Crcling unlimited classes for just £10 a month!

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Mentorship applications for 2024 opening soon. A 3 month journey to unlock your potential &\ start to live as your true self & the life that you came here to live. 




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My love letter to you...

Hi I'm Shakti, and i am here to help you take your life and your business to the next level, expand and upgrade further than you you have previously believed is possible.I have been preparing my entire lifetimes to assist you at this magical time in the evolution of humanity! I will help you to be faithful to your soul, to take a big bold leap into your alignment of your true self.


I have been teaching yoga and Pilates for over  three decades and coaching my clients in deep personal transformation, releasing trauma & out dated beliefs and mindsets, healing modalities including reiki and light energy activations. I support my sisters & brothers in activating their magic, life purpose, business ideas, ideal body, and confidence into manifest.

I hold space  for you in releasing emotional blocks and programming that no longer serves you- or humanity! 

I am also the creator of Fit From Within, a Pilates & Yoga studio  which i closed during the 3rd lockdown after making the decision to take my own healing journey to the next level and focus on me for a while...and meet new challenges presented in the historical times of 2023! I am also the author of Amazon bestseller The Middle-aged Goddess Playbook.


I coach men & women just like you, who are ready to upgrade their life, who want to experience more joy, better health, lose weight, discover their passion, create a conscious business.make deeper connections, become more confident, and to find real and lasting love from the inside out. When we tap into our true nature then all that our heart desires appears, as if my magic.

If you need support in living the life of your dreams, discover your dream job or access more love in your life then please reach out.  Please take the time to look through the site and if you can't find what you need, just contact me, or use the chat box below.

Shakti x

'Shakti's mentoring style brings absolute presence and space holding so that the client is held in the loving arms of pure awareness.'

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