I love you, whoever’s reading this. I don’t care who you are I don’t care what you’ve been through.
You are loved.



Do you want to experience more abundance, joy, connection & the deepest & most sacred love you could ever imagine?   To feel relaxed & discover your true life purpose? Are you looking to improve your health, well-being or to look younger? Or maybe you want to completely revolutionize the way you feel about your body and your sexuality? Then you're most definitely in the right place!


Let me help you to activate the part of you who is happy and free, beautiful, radiant, sexy, ageless, playful and full of life! At 59 I have learnt the secrets to becoming and staying more youthful! I share my secrets with you here.  


Hi I'm Shakti, and I am a Transformational coach, Freedom Activator, intuitive, and fitness & lifestyle expert! I am also a pilates and yoga teacher trainer &

creator of Fit From Within, a pilates & Yoga studio and healing centre in Hertfordshire, just outside of North London.

 I coach men & women just like you, who are ready to upgrade their life, who want to experience more joy, better health, lose weight, make deeper connections and to find real and lasting love from the inside out. When we tap into our true nature then all that our heart desires appears, as if my magic In my one to one sessions and group workshops, classes, & online courses I share with you the fastest way to acheive ALL that you long for!  

  • Relationship

  • Life Purpose​​

  • Sexual/food/weight Problems

  • Authentic Communication

  • Business/image consulting

  • Twin Flame

  • Lifestyle

  • Fitness/Pilates/Yoga

  • Mindfulness

Shakti Kali Kaloczi

is rapidly becoming known as

'the coach to the coaches'



Transformational Coaching

Shakti's mentoring has been Life changing!

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'Shakti's mentoring style brings absolute presence and space holding so that the client is held in the loving arms of pure awareness.'

' I've never felt so much love coursing through my veins as when i'm in a coaching session with Shakti'

'At 57, i have the body I had at 21- thanks to Liz's coaching and inspirational support! It's unbelievable - but true!'

''I had terrible depression and since changing my lifestyle and having coaching with Shakti, I've started my own business and im experiencing a deeper sense of inner peace than ive ever felt before.'