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The Queen Codes

Are you ready to reclaim your inner Queen and open to all of the abundance, joy and love that is available to her?


I'm very excited to announce that I am launching a new course

The Queen Codes.

Pink Clouds


🌸Embody your inner Queen

🌸Allow yourself to be truly seen and HELD

🌸Feel safe to speak your truth and express your emotions

🌸Reconnect to your worthiness & find your confidence to express your light

🌸Experience powerful energy activations through breath work, feel & look lighter & younger.

🌸Find your voice to speak your Truth & learn the language of the Heart

🌸Remove the blocks of guilt, shame,& fear that hold you back from living your highest version

🌸Find the parts of you that have been lost

🌸Embrace the power of clarity... Getting crystal clear on what is your YES & what is your NO!

🌸Move past the fear of being alone/abandoned that keeps you disempowered

🌸Reconnect with your body

🌸invite & activate an abundance of DESIRE,PLEASURE, PASSION & PLAYFULNESS into your life !

🌸Reclaim your womb space as your sacred home of Goddess consciousness

🌸Have a love affair with your own magnificence

🌸Transform your sexuality with practices to enhance every area of your life


The Course Includes Seven Modules

  • Hi vibe and consistent support in connecting to your powerful inner Queen.

  • Videos to support your practices

  • Embodied practices,activations in sacral/root chakra, light language

  • Third eye activations, meditations

  • 5D living and being-supporting the New Earth as your Queen and her Queendom
  • 2 x realtime group sessions a week for 7 weeks
  • Facebook group to connect & interact  with the community

  • Free access to the Ma Goddess workout, 3 videos for self expression and embodied movement.

  • Investment of £999.


    VIP also includes

  • x private session with Shakti

  • Free access to my Spring Equinox Retreat 'Ritual' worth £444

  • 1 x Goddess Photoshoot (in Hertfordshire, UK)

  • Shakti’s best selling book ‘The Ma Goddess Playbook’

  • Facebook group to connect with the community

  • Life long access

  • Unlimited daily zoom pilates and Yoga sessions for the 7 weeks with Shakti

  • Investment of £1444.


What I share in this online course is the work and the opportunity for embodiment of becoming the most expanded and empowered version of reconnecting to your sovereign inner Queen.


I have discovered that my most rapid transformation and alignment to who I really am has happened when I have been part of an online community course where the facilitator has already embodied the message she is sharing. This is MY super Power - and I want to share it with you!

Even my winter travels to Bali did not get me to where I am now, and it took such a long time to really embody my true self, my feminine and my inner husband. I have collected all the tools and rituals over many years and am offering everything in my online community , to Help you meet and connect with your sovereign Queen .

Pre Launch Offer!


If you sign up before the launch on Feb 21st i am offering this life-changing course for just £777  and after this date the investment will be £999 until Feb 21st . VIP for £1111 and after £1444

Unlock the Codes so that together we can be the true magic makers and embody our Queen!

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