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I love supporting people in realising their dreams.

I coach both men and women using my skills as 

a Heart IQ facilitator, Twin Flame coach, lifestyle teacher, spiritual life coach, mentor, healer, psychic, , alchemist and intuitive, to prescribe and listen, hold, and inspire. My mentorship programmes and courses and coaching are for those who are READY FOR CHANGE!

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When YOU feel, I feel. 

Life can be tough. If you want to share a particular 'problem' start afresh, be listened to, admit that your life is boring, find your purpose, your passion, feel supported, be accountable to someone, or simply cry into some loving energy, then I am here for you.

Whenever I meet people they always tell me that they feel like they've known me forever. They tell me everything and it's how I came to realise that were all made up of the 'same stuff'. I learnt through Heart IQ about how clever we are at masking our true feelings.

We're very clever us humans! I've seen people (including myself) reach the very depths. The abyss where it feels like there's no hope, escape...

But, this is the place where real change can happen.

Humans are wired for growth

When we don't live authentically and were not growing, then we become stuck, feeling depressed, unmotivated, procrastinating and often turn to addictive behaviours to suppress our true feelings.



Every so called obstacle is an opportunity for our awakening to something new. Learn the tools to keep you feeling motivated by life.

Oftentimes, I've felt very down for a few weeks prior to the hailing of a new and expanded version of myself. I've learnt that life is not always easy but when we can practice certain ways of being, then life takes on a new meaning. Creativity and abundance are ours for the taking! We just need to understand how to work with energy, to trust it, to trust in life and to be open to the possibilities.

We cannot do this alone. Human beings are wired for connection.

I offer a free 15 minute consultation, please leave me your details below and we can arrange to have a Skype session.



That by simply being witnessed and listened to, to know that you're not alone, to know that all humans, especially us sensitive, creative beings, need the support and love and nurturing perhaps more than most.

When we listen to our deepest longings, our deepest needs and our most authentic voice, then it literally feels like we're coming home.

 You absolutely don't need to 'do' anything before or after a session, it's entirely up to you. I am only here to hold your hand. You do as much or as little as you want, how often you want, when you want. No pressure.

Pink Clouds



Shakti has literally helped me to turn my life around and i shall be forever grateful for her intuitive and inspirational coaching.

Helen Thomas

Online Courses

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Mentorship 2021


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During coaching sessions I can help you gain clarity and express your feelings in a safe environment, help you stretch yourself further than you think possible, and empower you while holding you accountable for your actions and behaviours.

As your mentor I will  support you in making positive changes, I will be your friend, your confidant, and your inspiration. I will help you explore your options and guide you through all of your challenges.

We will examine your life, your beliefs, goals, dreams and longings and put things into perspective. We'll look at the options available so that you can honour your inner-longings and start living life in a more authentic and significant way.

One session: £60

Ten sessions: £500

* Sessions last 60 minutes and may include various modalities as I work intuitively.

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