Do you want to:

❣️Lose bodyfat?
❣️Look & feel younger?
❣️Improve the texture of your skin?
❣️Get healthier?
❣️Improved sleep?
❣️Redice inflammation , aches & pains?
❣️Tone up & shape up?

This 30 Day event is a brand new and exciting mentoring programme created by health & fitness expert Shakti Kali Kaloczi.

During the 30 days you will :

• Lose Bodyfat
• Tone Up
• Receive daily recipes , exercises & tips
• Connect with others for support & accountability
• join live webinars with experts in health & weightloss
• Live exercise classes for weightloss & toning
• Emotional support & ongoing support to help you achieve your goals
• Free access to the private Facebook group

Shakti Kali Kaloczi has been teaching health & fitness for 30 years & at 57 is looking & feeling in better shape than ever - & she shares her secrets in this unique 30 day Programme .

New Body New You 30 Day Programme

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£99.00Sale Price