I guide you through some simple exercises to help you relax into your body and begin to move. The invitation always is to allow yourself to be moved by the music and your emotions rather than 'do' your usual dance moves. However, nothing is ever 'wrong' and your willingness to show up is really all that matters.


DATES  2021    To be confirmed

Every body is welcome and NO dance experience is needed!

"This is my favourite way to keep fit , lose inches from my waist, and connect with my deepest, most vunerable &  real self!"

After training in Bali in 2018 as an ecstatic Dance Temple facilitator, I include this profound healing modality during workshops &retreats. This is a dancing experience for all women wanting to connect more deeply with their inner Goddess!

For any woman who yearns to express herself without shame. Any body, any shape, any size, who wants to feel into her femininity, her rage, her passion, her wild, her sacred Goddess, her vulnerability...