IHow to Meet The Love of Your Life


How to meet the love

of  your life



In this course I share everything you'll need to meet the love of your life! It's finally happened to me and it can happen for you too! Just follow the instructions in this course and wooohoooo!!  Life will bring forth that which you sooo deserve! I take you step by step on a most magnificent journey!

Magical happenings, innerpeace and heaven on earth are all available to you!


The course includes lots of videos where !i give you easy to follow exercises exercises, lots of support and a friendly face! I've tried and tested this for myself. And it works!  My God, does it work. I have never felt so in love in my life.

A small investment at just £77.77 and includes a one on one coaching session with me, Shakti xx


Step by step guide to meeting your lover!

Your Ultimate Lover is waiting for you!

Let me show you how you can meet......

I must've spent my entire life looking for love!We use substances, food, alcohol, exercise,shopping and a whole host of other distractions to keep us from being with the love of our life. Even when we meet, there is often resistance and pain.

And then thjere's the whole Twin Flame runner dramas. 

If you're ready to step up and live heaven on Earth, then this course is for you!